The Gaming Boardroom

About The Gaming Boardroom
The Gaming Boardroom was established to get at the heart of the core problems holding back suppliers and operators across the globe and to support a thriving, global gaming industry. Drawing on their extensive experience, they bring C-suite gaming professionals and executives the vast network, business insight, leadership team support, and targeted solutions needed to continually improve both business and personal performance. Through their digital, membership-only website, they provide a suite of tools and resources for gaming professionals. With access to this crucial information, you can better understand the wider market, turn problems into actionable solutions, build leadership teams to be proud of, and connect with peers across the world like never before.

What did we do?

Consult Cleo was tasked with helping to launch and market this completely new product and offering to the Gambling industry. This involved working with a web developer to design the website and customer journey, as well as map out the whole go to market strategy with the TGB team. We’ve worked with the team to drive readership and paying subscribers, launch and host digital events, plan for face to face events and create an online community where subscribers at all levels can network and communicate. We also worked very closely with the content and editorial team to release content consistently across the website and social platforms.

Don’t just take our word for it…